A short course

    Beginning  Monday 15th October

     Ending Friday 7th November

    This program is life changing for you and your children. Simply. Naturally.

    Let's Begin.

    Are you:

    • Wanting to go gluten or dairy free without world war 3.
    • Struggling to make healthier choices easily and sticking with them.
    • Needing to improve gut health.
    • Needing to reduce the amount of sugar or packaged food in your home.
    • Needing your kids to eat a wider range of foods.
    • With kids who are constantly sick.
    • Wanting to skip another winter or change of season of sickness.
    • Looking for natural solutions to relieve symptoms e.g. digestive discomfort, low energy, weight issues, allergies, autoimmunity or anxiety.
    • Tired of making one good meal after another to have it rejected… again!
    • Needing loads of new recipe ideas (over 40 included), especially for parties and special celebrations.
    • Confused with the massive amount of conflicting information on kids health that’s ‘out there’.
    • Longing for someone to talk to?  Someone you can trust and who knows what you’re going through.


    Welcome.   You’re in the right place.

    Payment Options

    EARLY BIRD VALID TO 14-10-17


    $149.00  OR  $299.00 AUD


    $40.00  OR  $80.00 AUD


    Introducing 'Our Happy Children'

    A dynamic and practical course developed to give groundbreaking health education and nourishing foods for you and your children.  Our Happy Children is the most delicious and life changing nutrition program available for healthy, happy kids and families!

    Kate’s teachings have empowered me on how to feed my family and how to understand nutrition and healing in a holistic way. This is an incredible gift for any mum. I adore Kate and she has become the first point of contact for anything health related in our family.  I wish every mum could have a Kate in their journey….”

    Cristina Londono, Creative Director, Wallnut Studio, Mother.


    Course Details: Online or Online + Weekly Live Workshops with Kate

    • Access to the program is available from anywhere at anytime.
    • Online.  All information is shared through a secure, online members area.
    • The members area is accessible to you forever or for as long as the course runs.
    • A live class / webinar is hosted by Kate each Friday BEFORE the week begins.  Starting Friday 27th of October.
    • The weekly class gives you direct access to Kate to answer all your questions. It runs for approx. 45 – 60 minutes.
    • Each class is recorded and shared in our members area.
    • A Premier Course Option.  Kate’s excited to offer this exclusive option with intimate weekly live workshops with Kate.  Exclusive to 10 people to participate in an intimate series of 4 live workshops over the 4 weeks.  The consolidation, connection and learning is invaluable, giving the chance for deep transformation.
    • Privacy.  Kate’s intention with OHC is to create a private and open space for families to transform their wellbeing.   Ask questions directly with Kate as she is online each week day for up to an hour at a time specifically answering questions.  Invaluable. 
    • When.  Monday, 30th of October and ends Friday 24th of November.  Last workshop on Monday, 20th of November 2017.  Last BONUS call on Friday 24th of November.
    • Where.  4 live workshop sessions held in Mosman Park each Monday evening for the duration of the course.
    • Time.  Each live workshop begins at 6:30pm through to 8:00pm.
    • Facebook PRIVATE GROUP & COMMUNITY:  A Private Facebook Page is setup exclusively for members of ‘Our Happy Children’. A forum for supporting each other, for sharing questions, challenges, successes, ideas and for motivating each other to enhance learning.
    • BONUS MATERIALS.   Kate is delighted to have a number of expert teachers e.g. on topics of sleep, parenting & movement sharing their knowledge and resources to us all throughout the program.



    A Payment Option For You

    EARLY BIRD VALID TO 14-10-17


    $149.00  OR  $299.00 AUD


    $40.00  OR  $80.00 AUD


    Enhanced Learning with

    • Over 40 new recipes the whole family will love.
    • Practical handouts and resources every week.
    • Private VIP access to your Facebook Group.
    • Additional support in the group from like – minded peeps sharing questions, ideas, and successes, keeping motivation and inspiration high and long after the course finishes.
    • LIVE and intimate weekly classes to accelerate results for everyone in the premier course option.

    My son has had long term digestive issues and we have been on a long journey of recovery together…  I only recently found Kate and wish I was introduced years ago.  Kate has offered her wisdom, enthusiasm and support in a very generous and kind way.  She is a good communicator and listener…  It’s great to have someone with her skills to back me up (as an exhausted, unqualified, but dedicated mother) and remind me that it does all make sense.  Many little things do make a difference…  Good health is nothing to take for granted. Thanks Kate.

    Louisa, Director, Earth Care & Mother of two.

    You'll see your children:

    • perform better at school.
    • skip through winter and the change of seasons, bug free.
    • with improved focus and energy.
    • less hungry and with far less cravings.
    • stronger and more competitive on the sporting field.
    • sleeping better.
    • happier.
    • more resilient to stress.
    • maintain their ideal weight.
    • with less tantrums and unsocialable behaviour.
    • enjoying a far more diverse, healthier range of foods. No more fussy eating.
    • who are rarely struck down with illness.

    Plus you'll experience:

    • reduced doctors visits and the associated cost.
    • more quality time for family, work and play.
    • loads more quick and easy recipes to choose from for weekly meals and snacks.
    • confidence in what to feed your family simply and easily.
    • health that’s a lifestyle, not a diet.
    • far less worry about sick kids or if you’re doing the right thing for them or not i.e. no more second guessing.
    • your own health transformation!

    Let’s begin.   Join me for this transformational program for your happy, healthy children.   Avoid the alarming statistics for chronic illness escalating each year.
    Instead be part of the wellness movement rippling across the globe.

    Being healthy is a lifestyle. It begins in our hearts and our homes.

    Our Happy Children will change your life and your children's lives forever.

    I am reluctant to say it out loud but my sugar cravings have vanished – gone!  I cannot believe how fabulously energetic I am feeling at 4pm in the afternoon.  I feel really clear, not fatigued at all.  I am also much less bloated and feel good all over!  And I am feeling quite ‘even’ mood wise – nothing has bothered me this week and there’s a lot going on! …  OHC is extremely valuable!  You can’t put a price on the health of your family’… ‘It is a brilliant program’ ~ Sarah


    Our Story...

    I’m Kate Barnes, a farm girl at heart with a deep love of discovering life, who’s also finding her way as a busy, caring mother, doing the best she can. Probably a bit like you.

    I went through an arduous time with our beautiful children. Even though they weren’t chronically unwell, there were clues that they weren’t thriving. They weren’t the healthy and happy child I instinctively knew was their birthright.

    There were several telling signs that I know now indicated dis-function and malabsorption. A little ‘pot belly’, cramping tummy, eczema, some anxiety and low immunity in the early years. They were all signs that initially we coined as “Oh that’s just the way they are,” and disregarded as ‘normal’.


    I pushed on, ‘blindly’. At that time my only support was my instinct and trust in the bodies innate ability to heal, my belief, a beautiful, supportive fellow health coach and my incredibly supportive husband. They were my guides. The general medical system had no cure for us. Offered no solutions or hope.

    At the same time, I was horrified and appalled to hear what I was being recommended and encouraged to feed my children and expose their bodies to!

    After seeing many different specialists and experts of the field, it wasn’t until I took my families wellness into my own hands that I got the answers I knew were there.   And our child… I am happy and relieved to share is happy and thriving.  Our children are strong, with a robust immunity, blossoming in their growth and development.  

    With a Bachelor of Science,  a deep respect for the intelligence of the human body and an innate passion for personal growth and development, I founded Kate Barnes Health Coaching.   I now have over 25 years of experience, personally, as a coach, family mentor and practitioner.   I cannot wait to share this profound and life changing information with you. 

    Participating in the Our Happy Children course gave me the information and tools I needed to make small but meaningful changes over 6 weeks that impacted on my family’s way of life. It highlighted the importance of balance between work, rest and play and that’s its ok to stop and enjoy the sunshine. Happy kids gave me the understanding of what nourishing foods really are and recipes to put it into action. Months after finishing the course we are still making small changes and feeling healthier and happier for it! 

     Natasha, Mother of 2 & Health Promotion, WA Government


    Course Outline

    Week 1. Setting the Scene.

    Understanding the basis of nutrition, digestion and healing.

    • 3- time saving steps to set yourself up for success and lower stress significantly.  (We’re here to look after you too).
    • Defining healthy.  How we know they’re as strong and robust as we want them to be.
    • The 8 top nutritional mistakes people make.
    • 5 foods you must eat for creating the bedrock of a healthy life.
    • Pantry check list.
    • Digestion 101.
    • Understanding fussy eating and how to get kids to enjoy more diversity. 
    • The healing power of movement.
    • Intentions and goals for the course duration.

    Week 2. Breakfast & Natural Remedies.

    Recipes and nutrients for fuelling strong bodies, focused brains and an awesome day!

    • The number one food children need to thrive and how to add it into each day – simply.
    • The number one food we eat too much of daily, which sets our kids up for chronic illness.
    • 8 great recipes that will kick-start your energy packed day and are versatile enough to enjoy anytime of day!
    • 5 quick and easy strategies to help ‘upgrade’ your every-day choices.
    • The healing power of connection and sleep.
    • Natural remedies for coughs, colds, ear infections and more.
    • How to build strong, robust, disease free bodies.

    Week 3. Snacks and Anytime of Day Meals

    Keeping the hunger bugs at bay and building a strong immune system

    • 5 critical foods for creating a healthy body and a healthy mind.
    • Learn what the building blocks of life are in all of its various forms.
    • The secret to managing sugar cravings.
    • Simple strategies for incorporating nutrient rich foods that taste great for everyday living.
    • Over 40 different ideas and recipes for healthy, scrumptious snacks.
    • 9 fantastic recipes that will boost your immune system, and are versatile enough to enjoy anytime of day and the kids will love them!
    • Simple strategies for strengthening your immune system naturally at home.
    • Meditation 101.
    • Review goals and intentions.

    Week 4. How To Create Time & Lasting Change.

    A 4 step formula plus simple strategies and systems that work.

    • Systems and solutions for an early morning routine that works and sets you and your family up for a great day.
    • Simple strategies for putting some magic into mealtimes.
    • 5 key strategies for making your time in the kitchen as quick and time effective as possible – giving you more time to put more life into your living!
    • Party Time!  Simple recipes and ideas for the busiest of parents that even the fussiest of children will love.
    • The  missing pieces your Doctor isn’t talking about – yet are silently affecting your children’s long term vitality.

    As caring parents we have a small window of opportunity to build a strong foundation of health in our kids, the sooner we can do this for them the better and easier it will be for all of us in the future.   But… we need to get it right.  No more misleading information.  ‘Our Happy Children’ gives you the answers you’re looking for.  


    This course is for you if you want to:

    • learn the fundamental principles of creating a happy, healthy well-being.
    • get to the root cause of health issues you haven’t been able to find answers for.
    • reduce Doctors visits dramatically.
    • take a deeper responsibility for you and and your families wellbeing and to help your family even more.
    • make health and happiness a lifestyle i.e. just ‘a way of life’.
    • increase your repertoire of healthy meals and snacks, quickly and easily.
    • take wellbeing back into the heart of your home and to your table.

    3 Payment Options for the 4 week course.

    EARLY BIRD VALID TO 14-10-17


    $149.00  OR  $299.00 AUD


    $40.00  OR  $80.00 AUD


    What if it doesn't work? Can I get my money back?

    I’m 100% committed to my clients getting transformational results.   Yet life can throw curve balls or doesn’t turn out as planned.   This course has a 7 day money back guarantee – no questions asked and your money will be automatically refunded.

    What people are saying.

    Thanks to my consults with Kate, our family is on a new path to good health and nutrition. This was especially beneficial for my young daughter who suffered from reoccurring chest infections and illness due to a diagnosed low immune system... . The improvement was almost immediate, and over the winter the improvement was drastic for the whole family.  My daughter is no longer a ‘picky’ eater, her immune system is so much stronger as is my 2 year old sons. At the same time my stress and anxiety levels as a concerned mother have greatly reduced!   Thank you Kate for your help, motivation & being an ongoing support to us too!  Kathryn, IT Professional.

    - Kathryn, IT Professional
    Kathryn, IT Professional

    “As a new mother of a three month old baby, I engaged your health coaching services for two specific purposes: to lose some excess ‘baby’ weight and more importantly to kick-start the best possible dietary pathway for my child. Now, at 11 months of age, the proof is in the pudding, or in the baby, as the case may be. Both myself and my baby, have enjoyed no less than ZERO colds, coughs or gastrointestinal upsets since working with you. How can I put a value on that?!” ~ Kelly

    - Kelly

    “Kate has been a wonderful source of knowledge on a variety of health related topics, particularly food. We haven’t visited the doctor this year despite having kids in daycare and kindy as no one has been sick. Thank you Kate!”  Sally, Mother of 3

    - Sally, Mother of 3
    Sally, Mother of 3

    'Our daughter developed a problem with reflux which lingered for 3 months with no sign of clearing up. Following several visits to our GP and specialist doctors, which gave no feeling of comfort, I approached Kate who had suggested that the issue could be associated with digestion and diet. Kate’s initial casual chat seemed to make “sense”, which prompted me into seeking further advice from Kate in an effort to get our daughter back to “normal”. We made some initial significant changes to our diet, particularly with breakfast and lunch and within less then 2 months our daughter no longer complains of the previous painful symptoms. In addition, she looks remarkably more healthy, has resumed her previous high energy levels with much less lethargy and her moods are back to being positive and happy. I also feel considerably more energised and healthy! I found Kate’s wealth of knowledge incredible and an education in itself. I feel completely invigorated with cooking for our family and have loved seeing our children (and my husband) enjoy our new healthy diet' ~  Yolande

    - Yolande

    Kate's warmth, expertise, support, generosity and commitment to me and my family has been an irreplaceable resource and a truly humbling experience. Kate's homegrown and authentic approach to family health support is unique and priceless. To have someone to reach out to in the moments of deep confusion, overwhelm and uncertainty has been paramount to me being able to remain centered and present for my family, as we tackle our health and wellness concerns. Kate's approach is practical, resourceful, organic, generous and skilled. When you work with Kate you have someone fully backing your choices and absolutely willing to find a solution that works for best health outcome. Kate has a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to get int the trenches of the overwhelming amount of information and direction available to a new parent when it comes to their children's particular health concerns. If you are a new parent struggling to fumble through the oceans of information on very limited time, but want to make educated choices on how you take care of your babies health or you are an existing parent who has come up against some health challenges with your young ones that feel out of your depth and very confusing THEN look no further for the powerhouse of support - Kate Barnes. Truly, I feel so blessed to have Kate in my corner. I am still navigating the world of gut health for my 2 and a half year old and Kate is with us every step of the way. The brilliant online world has meant we have never met face to face, but I feel Kate is part of my family and plays an essential role in creating the Village it takes to consciously and healthily raise my family!   So much gratitude extended to you and the integral work you are doing in the world Kate - thank you! Callie, Life Coach and Mama of 2, Queensland, Australia

    - Callie, Life Coach and Mama of 2, Queensland, Australia
    Callie, Life Coach and Mama of 2, Queensland, Australia

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I’d love to do the course but don’t have time.

    As a busy Mum I know how hard it is to find time to do what we love and want to do.  This course is designed for busy, time poor parents, even those of us working full time.  All the information we discuss can be implemented at home, immediately.  There may be some new pantry items that need to be bought, otherwise it’s business as usual.  If anything, the information and strategies we discuss will create time in your day.  

    Can I join the course outside of Perth, Western Australia?

    YES the course is online and can be completed in the comfort of your home from wherever you are in the world.   There is an additional benefit for anyone who lives in Perth to come along to the face to face sessions with Kate, to be held each week.  

    How old do my children need to be?

    The program is suited for children ranging between the age of 0 to 12 years old.   Depending on your level of knowledge already, the program is ideal for parents with children aged 0 – 5 i.e. when it’s easier to influence their choices!  In saying that you will learn ideas that will get your children enjoying food at any age or stage. 

    My child is a fussy eater.   How can the course help?

     If your child is a fussy eater, this course is even more important for you to do.   Fussy eating is covered in the program including ideas that will get children eating better + WHY they may have a ‘narrow’ or sweet palate in the first place.   Your children will be eating a much more diverse range of foods at the end of this course.

    How much time to I need to commit to it?

    2 hours a week to attend the workshop session. In addition to this perhaps another hour or two to connect with your face book community and go through the resources provided. It’s up to you and what you have time for. Once you sign up the workshop, the information is available to you forever – you can refer to them at anytime.  

    Do I need to be a good cook?  And what type of recipes are they?

    No. I’m not a good cook. My recipes are recipes that I like to cook and my family enjoys. They are very simple to make, rarely taking longer than 15 minutes.  They use few ingredients that are loaded with delicious nutrients that our bodies must have for good health. You really just need a kitchen (and motivation, which I’ll be giving you plenty of)!   The recipes are delicious!  They all use whole foods, full of healing nutrients and avoid gluten and packaged foods.  They are a guide for you to use only.   Visit my recipes page on my website to get a good idea of the types of food and recipes we’ll be enjoying.

    What if I don’t have the ingredients?

    No worries. In our first class I provide a comprehensive shopping list along with loads of different suppliers you can contact for deliveries if need be.

    My kids are already healthy. Should I do it anyway?

    Absolutely. If you have any interest in providing your kids and family with the healthiest and happiest future, this is for you.   OHC is a holistic program, drawing on the latest research for parenting, nutrition, lifestyle and modern day problems. Our kids are in a health crisis! The foundations of health that I share will help set you and your family up for LIFE – you will GAIN a deep knowledge of the choices you need to make and will be making them without even thinking twice.

    Still got questions?   Drop me an email at kate@ourhappychildren.com or give me a buzz 0411 139 924.

    I’d love to hear from you.  Your children deserve this … and so do you.

    Choose The Right Payment Option for You.

    EARLY BIRD VALID TO 14-10-17


    $149.00  OR  $299.00 AUD


    $40.00  OR  $80.00 AUD


    'A life changing investment for your whole family'.


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